Let's talk boobs, 5 reasons to take care of your breasts
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Let's talk boobs, 5 reasons to take care of your breasts

Breasts up!

Bras that squeeze, whales that dig into your skin, prying eyes, milk surges, gravity .... Yes, ever since you were a teenager, it's fair to say they've been suffering from oppression in silence. Whether they're round, asymmetrical or pear-shaped, here are 5 good reasons to look a little harder at your... nipples.

5 reasons
To take care of your boobs

1 They are not perfect

Did you know that nipples are slightly asymmetrical? They are made to play the same role, but each has its own character (luckily they get along well 😅).

2 They are regulators 🌡️

As soon as it cools down a bit, the nipples have an unpleasant tendency to pop out (at the right time 😅)! This is a normal reaction of the body to reduce the surface area exposed to the cold and conserve heat.

3 They give pleasure 🔥

Breasts and nipples are particularly erogenous parts. So much so that it is even possible to have an orgasm just by touching them 🚀. It's called Boobgasm - the key is to take your time and let yourself go!

4 They are better than the Google calendar

Tilin! When menstruation approaches, your breasts let you know. Burning, heaviness, tightness, hypersensitivity? It's time to get out your Ökovor knickers 😉 Apart from your period, these sensations often announce a specific hormonal period: premenstrual syndrome (heavy periods), pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause...

5 They send you messages

But your breasts can also send other signals to alert you. A change in shape or texture, or a lump. Symptoms that should prompt a visit to your gynaecologist or doctor.

To make sure you don't miss them, here are some things you can do in less than 2 minutes.


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